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Case Study: Ramping Up Hiring for Bon Secours

In less than six months, we've helped BSUC hire 20 providers, keeping clinic doors open and laying the foundation for rapid expansion.

Challenges: Provider Shortage, Process Roadblocks and Lack of Hiring Resources

Despite being a division of one of the largest Catholic health systems in the United States, Bon Secours Urgent Care (BSUC) was experiencing many of the same challenges as other health systems in today's recruiting environment – an increasing provider shortage, high rates of burnout and higher expectations from clinicians for their places of employment.

In addition, BSUC was attempting a robust expansion plan in the midst of roadblocks that made reaching growth goals difficult, including a lack of hiring resources, a lengthy hiring process and a team with no prior Urgent Care recruiting experience. This led to clinic closures, high staff turnover and unmet demand within the communities BSUC was created to serve.

That's where PS&D came in.

Members of the BSUC leadership team had worked with PS&D in other capacities and were familiar with PS&D's experience hiring physicians for an Urgent Care setting. They knew PS&D would be the best partner to help them reach their hiring goals and support their rapid growth objectives.

Approach: Process Improvements, Tailored Marketing and a Vast Provider Network

PS&D understood the high stakes of this new partnership, and the recruiting team immediately got to work on not only recruiting efforts but also setting the organization up to quickly and efficiently hire new clinicians as the pipeline grew.

"What I've seen and witnessed so far with our new hires is incredible – it's an A+ list. These are exactly the candidates that we are looking for."

~Thanh Nguyen, Chief Quality & Training Officer at BSUC

PS&D recruiters Mary Kay Moreau and Tuan Dang took some proactive steps in the early days of the relationship to accelerate the hiring process and create a near-seamless experience for candidates:

  • Reducing BSUC's 12-step hiring process down to just seven, speeding up the time to offer extension.
  • Setting expectations of quick decision-making from stakeholders, allowing PS&D to schedule initial interviews within 48 hours of presentation.
  • Facilitating placeholder interview slots on hiring managers' calendars for easy scheduling.

PS&D also developed a customized marketing plan to help BSUC not only increase the volume of candidates in the pipeline, but also ensure that candidates were the best fit for BSUC and an Urgent Care environment.

Results: Top Talent Sourced and Interviewed, Fast Days-to-Fill

Since the beginning of the relationship, PS&D has helped BSUC reach critical hiring targets, address inefficient processes and improve the candidate experience – three key signs that this is the right partnership to help BSUC meet their ambitious growth goals.

"What I've seen and witnessed so far with our new hires is incredible – it's an A+ list," says Thanh Nguyen, Chief Quality & Training Officer at BSUC. "These are exactly the candidates that we are looking for."

BSUC has seen the immediate positive impact of working with a recruiting partner that specializes in Urgent Care hiring and can provide operational guidance as an extension of the team rather than a third-party vendor.

Some highlights of our success:

  • Candidates sourced and interviewed: 210
  • Physicians & APCs hired in 6 months: 20
  • Days-to-fill median: 64
    • AAPPR's 2022 days-to-fill median benchmark: 165

Solutions: What PS&D Does Best

We're able to achieve this level of success thanks to a few factors that make PS&D stand out from other RPO firms:

  • Customized strategies tailored to each of our partners' individual goals, markets, open roles and specialty targets.
  • Proven solutions learned from decades of successful recruiting for our founder, Providence, the largest health system in the western U.S.
  • A vast national network of more than 1.3 million clinicians – 92% of the nation's physicians, NPs and PAs.

Learn more about how we helped BSUC quickly exceed targets and reach key benchmarks: Download the full case study. Need support hiring physicians or APCs for your own healthcare organization? We can help. Connect with us today.

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