Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Connecting through a circle of care.

When you're taken care of, your patients are taken care of. When your patients are taken care of, our communities become stronger and healthier.

We are committed to care.

From residency to retirement, this is our promise to you.

A physician, a Hispanic woman, casually dressed standing at sunset in front of lake, contemplating her career.

Our Vision

Build and support healthier communities, one provider at a time.

This vision forms the foundation of our mission and values, sets our purpose and charts our course for the future.

A physician, a Black woman, in natural curls, smiling and happy because of PS&D's career coaching.

Our Mission

Inspire and empower the next generation of care.

This is why we do what we do and our reason for being.

Our Values

In pursuit of our vision and mission, the actions of our leadership and team are guided by our values — six core principles that are at the center of everything we do.

Icon drawing of checkmark representing PS&D's dedication to solving challenges collaboratively for our providers and partners.


We make service the ‘why’ behind everything we do. We are dedicated to solving challenges collaboratively and easing the way for our providers, our partners and each other. Each time we hear individual voices and act from a place of service, our outcomes are stronger.

Icon drawing of a thumbs up.


We strive to be the gold standard of human connection, committed to excellence in everything we do. We consistently go above and beyond in providing unmatched service and outcomes to our partners, providers and each other.

Hands overlapping representing PS&D's respect of differences. We create teams that are diverse and inclusive.


We respect others’ values, differences and contributions. We create teams that are diverse and inclusive. We show respect, empathy and honor for everyone we serve. We build strong communities by celebrating differences and listening to learn. We are better together.

Drawing of lightbulb that represents trends PS&D anticipates to provide innovative solutions and accessible care for all.


We anticipate trends to provide innovative solutions and accessible care for all. We seek to understand root causes, and we implement unique solutions through intentional, strategic and creative processes.

Icon drawing of three people connected to each other.


We manifest integrity in all our actions. We demonstrate this quality through honesty, consistent principles, transparency and holding ourselves to the highest level of ethical standards.

Icon drawing a hand holding a heart representing our thoughtful approach in helping physicians with careers.


We meet people where they are, recognizing the innate value of every individual. We demonstrate bias-free compassion for the whole person in all our interactions.

PS&D plays a vital role in influencing the hiring of a diverse healthcare workforce.

A physician, an Indian man, in a white coat and mask, using a tablet to talk to his patient, an Asian elderly man.

Studies have shown that diversity can help organizations improve both patient care quality and financial results.

Specifically, increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the healthcare workforce is associated with greater patient choice and satisfaction, expanding healthcare access for the underserved, fostering research in neglected areas of societal need and enriching the pool of managers and policymakers to meet the needs of a diverse populace.

A PS&D recruiter, an Asian woman, with a tablet reviewing jobs with a physician, an Indian woman, with a prosthetic leg.

With this knowledge we commit to:

  1. Accommodating and supporting all employees at PS&D.
  2. Holding ourselves accountable to evolving our workplace culture, practices, policies and recruitment strategies to promote an equitable and inclusive workforce both within PS&D and with our partners.
  3. Cultivating a work environment where we listen with the intent to understand, manage appropriate boundaries and feel safe in sharing individual stories.