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Finding Satisfaction in Your Career as a Physician

An interview with Dr. Nii Darko, trauma surgeon and podcaster, on how physicians can build meaning into their lives and careers.

Finding Satisfaction in Your Career as a Physician

The days of a physician hanging a shingle downtown, running a private practice for 40 years and retiring are long gone. While some still choose and find happiness in that path, it’s no longer the norm. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, many physicians are left wondering: How do I find satisfaction and fulfillment both in my career and in my day-to-day life?

To bring real-world insights into this conversation, Provider Solutions & Development (PS&D) talked with trauma surgeon Dr. Nii Darko, whose podcast Docs Outside the Box highlights stories of ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things and is one of Apple’s Top 100 Career Podcasts.

PS&D’s physician recruiters have been guests on many of Dr. Nii’s podcasts, including Episode 329, discussing how to land the job you want in a competitive city, and Episode 327, discussing the top questions you must ask during your job interview.

Listen to our whole conversation, or jump to some of the highlights below, for Dr. Nii’s fresh take on everything from side hustles to the one thing fulfilled doctors have in common.

Get advice straight from Dr. Nii on how you can:

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Where you practice and who you work for affects everything about your life, including what it looks like outside of medicine.

As Dr. Nii says on his podcast, Docs Outside the Box, “my guests are living proof that doctors can break free from the exam room.” Getting control of your physician finances, carving out time for hobbies and side hustles, and negotiating a schedule that works for you are all ways you can create a life of your own design.

At Provider Solutions & Development, we build physician satisfaction, one hire at a time. Our expert recruiters get to know who you are, so we can connect you with a role where you’ll be happy, both on and off the job. With hundreds of opportunities nationwide — across a diverse range of healthcare partners and practices — we can help connect you to a role that will elevate your career and enrich your life. Let's start the conversation.