Recruitment Strategy

How PS&D Finds Best-Fit Providers for Your Healthcare System

Discover how the long-lasting relationships we build with providers benefit your organization.

Every health system wants the same thing — providers who will be a long-term fit for their organization. Providers who won't just take the job, they’ll put down roots. There is a way to find your ideal candidates while saving time, stress and cost: Enlist the help of a well-connected healthcare recruiting company.

At Provider Solutions & Development (PS&D), our goal is to help our partners find the right match and, in turn, reduce turnover and build healthier communities. PS&D is a purpose-driven healthcare recruiting organization that can reach 92% of the nation’s physicians and advanced practice clinicians through our vast network. Founded within Providence, one of the largest healthcare systems in the western U.S., we recruit and source talent for Providence, as well as more than 35 other health systems across the country.

Recruitment Manager Kyle Travers says our success is grounded in our decades of experience and in our strong partnerships with mission-aligned organizations. He pinpoints the relationships we build as our biggest differentiator.

“We get to know both our partners and our candidates on a deep level, and I think that’s why we’re able to make such great matches,” Kyle says. “It’s that care and attention that goes into every hire on the front end that pays dividends in the long-term. We take the time to learn about their values, interests and strengths so we can find the best mutual fit.”

It’s because of this holistic approach to recruiting, our network and our core values that we are able to help our partners hire and retain top-tier talent.

How Does PS&D Find the Right Long-Term Fit?

Today, PS&D has nearly 100 employees ready to help your organization reduce time-to-fill and cut client spend.

Your organization’s needs, mission, values and culture guide how we personalize your recruitment process. The better we know you, the better chance we have to match you with providers who will be the best fit for your organization, preventing burnout and turnover while producing positive patient outcomes.

Once the recruitment process starts, your dedicated recruiter will create a detailed project plan to help you reach your recruitment goals. To ensure we find your ideal candidates, your PS&D recruiter meets with your hiring manager to learn about your open roles. We also consider workplace culture, community environment and benefits of the opportunity to set the right expectations.

Three Ways PS&D Recruiters Find Your Candidates:

1. A diverse network of 1.3 million providers.

With decades of experience, we’ve built a vast candidate sourcing database, allowing us to secure more than 1,500 hires a year. This puts you in a more successful position to attract the right candidates and reduce the time it takes to hire new ones.

2. Industry-specific job boards.

You’ll have access to top candidates in a competitive marketplace where other organizations don’t. This includes the PS&D job board in addition to more than 400 job boards based on the needs of the role and specialty.

3. Growth through relationship-building.

Our GME Lounge and outreach team establishes relationships with physicians in residency, and our recruitment team nurtures these connections, from first job to mid-career to retirement. Our robust marketing team continually builds our candidate database and promotes your jobs through a multi-channel, full-funnel approach.

Physician Recruitment Best Practices

“Given nationwide provider shortages, finding qualified candidates is increasingly challenging,” Kyle says. “Sourcing and screening candidates gets serious attention and focus from our team.”

When you partner with PS&D, we handle recruitment and hiring, so you can focus on operating your healthcare system, hospital, or practice. We know you invest a lot of time and money to onboard and develop your providers, so we strive to thoroughly vet each candidate to ensure a successful and lasting match.

“We’re consultative in the way that we approach our partners," Kyle says. “They will ask us, ‘What are best practices?’ or ‘How are other health systems handling this challenge?’ Answering those questions and offering guidance is a big part of what PS&D does.”

We help you meet your short- and long-term growth and development goals through a retained agreement model. This ensures we meet your expectations and commitments throughout the partnership — and that we can adjust as necessary.

Developing Relationships, from Residency to Retirement

According to PS&D’s 2022 Consumer Insights Report, 74% of providers believe the role of a recruiter/recruitment company includes providing more than just open roles.

We do just that by setting our candidates up for success with career services and support. Our recruiters build and maintain long-lasting relationships with physicians, starting in residency and continuing throughout their careers.

We provide resident-focused career services and resources like CV reviews, webinars and articles about contract negotiations and interview skills.

We have job openings for different types of roles:

  • Full-time, part-time, per diem and locum tenens
  • Medical directors and physicians
  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants

Access to exclusive resources and professional growth opportunities like these are one way we develop long-term relationships with providers, ensuring that their needs and goals align with yours, for a successful partnership.

Recruiter Commission vs. No Commission

PS&D recruiters don’t rely on commission. Our focus is on a comprehensive process that starts with listening. We learn about the goals of every candidate to match them with an opportunity that's likely to be a long-term fit.

Other recruiting firms — where employees often work on commission to meet quotas — may focus solely on filling positions as quickly as possible. This leads to short tenures and constant job vacancies.

“We’re not motivated to just make a placement,” Kyle says, “and I think that really matters a lot in how we interact with providers, because we’re not trying to push people into roles that we don’t think are going to be the right fit for them.”

We also recognize that physicians need support throughout their careers. For example, Kyle helped guide Dr. Tony Knott through the interview and hiring process of his next adventure before retirement.

Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Healthcare Systems

According to the National Library of Medicine, greater diversity among healthcare workers helps reduce the barriers patients face when seeking care and contributes to better access and quality of care. This same research also shows that a discriminatory work environment can hinder an organization’s ability to build and equip the workforce it needs, which leads to a decrease in productivity and performance.

To support healthcare administration best practices and the well-being of your providers and patients, PS&D is steadfastly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We make it a priority to hire an equitable and inclusive workforce. We have an active DEI Council that provides resources, education and training to our team — recruiters and recruitment support team members alike.

Commitment to DEI is essential to maintain a workforce that can effectively treat the numerous needs and populations that health systems serve. PS&D remains current on new DEI recruitment strategies and implements DEI training to help prevent bias in our recruitment practices.

“We integrate DEI initiatives into our recruitment of providers in several ways," Kyle says. “From marketing efforts that promote inclusivity to examining how we can reach wider audiences to a regular review of immigration policies.”

Building Healthier Communities, One Provider at a Time

Diversity is essential to build healthier communities and support health organization standards. That’s why our goal is to fulfill people, not positions.

“We know that any provider who joins a community is going to make a huge contribution to the wellness of the individuals who live nearby,” Kyle says. “Whether it’s a Primary Care position in a metropolitan area, a specialist opening in a rural area or something in between, we know that providers will bring their expertise and compassion with them when they see patients every day.”

Examples of the Impact of Healthier Communities

  • Better medical outcomes
  • Greater focus on mental well-being
  • Community sponsorship and philanthropy
  • Greater focus on the care of both the young and elderly
  • The spread of knowledge and exploration

Because we partner and recruit for such a broad cross-section of the healthcare industry, we have a breadth of knowledge about what providers are looking for, what motivates them to take one job over another and why.

For example, PS&D helped Dr. Steven Dailey find his perfect fit — a role that fulfilled his job requirements and increased access to critical healthcare needs in a rural, coastal Oregon town.

Dr. Dailey had two goals when he started his fellowship at Johns Hopkins University: “To work in a small town where I could build a world-class Orthopedics program and train at a world-class jiu-jitsu studio.”

He found what would end up being his future job on our job board and contacted PS&D Recruiter Tessa Kerr. She helped put his goals into action by getting to know what made him happy on and off the job. He flew across the country for his site visit and took part in multiple interviews and a tour of Providence Seaside Hospital. He was also able to check out a local jiu-jitsu studio and house hunt.

He requested a specific operating table to perform his preferred anterior-approach hip replacements. Tessa worked with the hospital to make sure he got his operating table. Because Tessa took the time to get to know Dr. Dailey and advocate on his behalf, Dr. Dailey accepted the job and is now living out his passions for both jiu-jitsu and orthopedic care.

Partner with PS&D

If you’re ready to find the right providers who align with the goals of your healthcare system, we’re happy to help.

As Kyle reflects on his work with the PS&D recruitment team, he says what continues to inspire him comes back to one thing: “A common interest and goal, along with my colleagues, to work together to make the communities we serve stronger and healthier.”

We help support our partners’ communities today and for future generations through:

  • Strong relationships with providers throughout their careers.
  • DEI practices, policies and recruitment strategies within our organization and for our partners.
  • Zero recruiter commission so we can focus on genuine connections between providers and partners.

Reach out today to learn more about our services and how PS&D can help you reach your recruitment goals. Partner with us to get the one-on-one support you need to find providers who will be the best long-term fit for your organization.

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