Resident Resources

Resident Resources

Want a little guidance?

We provide complimentary resources, from one-on-one recruitment advice and toolkits to seminars and training.

For Residents and Fellows

You’ve been expertly trained to do your job, not to navigate a complicated job search. We can help be your guide.

A physician, a Persian man, in blue scrubs, looking out the window contemplating his career.

Career Resources

Most residents aren’t sure what they need to know for their first year of training. We have a team of experts solely dedicated to helping you figure it out.

Let us guide you through:

  • How to answer tough interview questions
  • Beneficial questions to ask at an interview
  • When to consider financial planning
  • When to visit potential residency locations
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For Chief Residents

We know your job is to spread your wealth of knowledge to your colleagues. Let us help you help them.

A physician, a white woman, presenting on an easel to her colleagues, a Hispanic man and an Asian woman, all in white coats.

Off-the-Job Training

We can present to your residents and fellows in person, to help them build their skills and navigate their careers.

Our topics include:

  • CV and cover letter preparation
  • Compensation models and market trends
  • Interview and site visit tips
  • Credentialing and licensing
  • Strategies for work-life balance
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