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Accelerate Your Psychiatry Career at Western State Hospital

Build your skillset quickly and provide vital Psychiatric services to patients in Washington state.

If you’re looking to explore the full range of your Psychiatry profession, you’ll find an amazing opportunity at Washington’s inpatient Psychiatric facility, Western State Hospital. You’ll also find a strong sense of purpose as one of a talented team of professionals serving high-acuity patients.

"Working at a state-run facility like Western State Hospital for even just one year will provide you more experience and case variety than you will find anywhere else. No matter where your career takes you, you’ll have the knowledge and hands-on experience to open doors and set you up for success in any role,” says Jordan Post, who has been a Sr. Physician Recruiter for Provider Solutions & Development (PS&D) for six years.

PS&D is hiring for several Psychiatrist roles at Western State Hospital, which is run and operated by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Nestled in a tranquil, rural setting between Olympia and Tacoma, Western State Hospital is one of Washington’s two state-run inpatient Psychiatric facilities. With more than 1,160 beds and 2,500 employees, it’s one of the largest inpatient Psychiatric hospitals west of the Mississippi River.

Western State Psychiatrists enjoy autonomy within their own unit, typically caring for a caseload of 30 to 35. Its patients are adults with serious or long-term mental illness, and include both civil, or non-criminal, patients and forensic patients who come through the criminal justice system.

Fulfilling Work in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Psychiatry physicians are attracted to the hospital not only because they want to grow their skillset, Jordan says, but because at Western State, patient care comes first in an environment focused on sustainable recovery and well-being.

“This is a really tight-knit team and a community of professionals who are committed to providing healing and advocacy for these patients. They work at top-of-license and they know what it means to be there for patients who have acute needs,” Jordan says.

Physicians are also attracted to living and working in one of the most beautiful spots in the Pacific Northwest – the south end of the Puget Sound. Close enough to day trip into Seattle, but situated in the charming suburb of Lakewood, population 63,000, residents enjoy an idyllic location and a high quality of life.

“Working at a state-run facility like Western State Hospital for even just one year will provide you more experience and case variety than you will find anywhere else.”

Jordan Post, Sr. Physician Recruiter, PS&D

“There is such a great need for Behavioral Health providers right now, and Psychiatrists know they could work in any location they want to,” Jordan says. “But those who seek out a position at an inpatient facility will be rewarded with developmental opportunities that will last a lifetime.”

Reach out today to learn more about these open Psychiatric jobs and connect with Jordan to see if a role at Western State Hospital is right for you.

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