Rural Medicine

Connecting Cardiologists to Rural Communities

PS&D Recruiter shares how he supports small communities who are at a greater risk of heart health problems.

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the U.S. and it's 40% more prevalent in rural areas, according to a recent American Heart Association journal. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey found that heart disease afflicts rural residents at a rate of 14% compared to those in small metropolitan (11%) and urban (10%) areas, a gap that has been widening over the last decade. Keeping these patients in mind, recruiting for rural communities takes a special skillset.

As more clinicians move to urban areas, patients in smaller communities are faced with traveling great distances to find a specialist. With a continuous growing need for Cardiologists in rural communities, our recruiters are dedicated to ensuring these areas get more resources for heart health.

"Recruiting Cardiologists is such a rewarding experience," says Christian Anderson, Provider Recruiter at PS&D. "Being able to find quality physicians for the rural community of Eureka has had a direct positive impact on the patients we serve. The biggest challenge is finding the right physician who will thrive outside of the big city lifestyle."

Christian recruits for St. Joseph Hospital, where the Cardiology program has been named a U.S. News & World Report High Performer for Heart Failure in 2019 and 2020, as well as a Healthgrades Five-star recipient of Repair of Abdominal Aorta in 2020.

"Hiring quality Cardiologists in Eureka allows us to serve the community to a fuller extent by keeping patients local so they don’t have to travel to get the services they need," says Christian. "Patient health and satisfaction is our number one priority and having local, available physicians is the first step in achieving that."

Beyond finding the perfect fit for Cardiologists, PS&D recruiters like Christian are dedicated to getting to know clinicians on a holistic level and helping them build fulfilling careers. Founded over 20 years ago in-house at Providence out of a clear need to change recruitment, we have operated differently since day one – putting clinicians' needs first and fulfilling individuals, not just positions.

"The most gratifying part of recruiting is getting to know physicians and their stories," says Christian. "I enjoy learning what drives and motivates them."

For many rural positions, PS&D recruiters focus on sharing the intangible aspects of a job that help create a healthy work-life balance for physicians, such as work culture, schedule flexibility and location.

"I love sharing all we have to offer not only as a health system, but also as a community," Christian says. "Eureka has many outdoor recreation opportunities that provide excellent quality of life. As recruiters, we get the chance to make connections with candidates by getting to know their own interests outside of the medical field."

Interested in escaping the big city lifestyle and aiding smaller communities in need? Take a look at PS&D’s Cardiology opportunities in Eureka and across the country.