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Provider Solutions & Development provides the career resources physicians need to find full-time jobs at hospitals, medical centers and medical groups that match their specialty and skills.

Whether a physician is an experienced Cardiologist or coming out of a Cardiology fellowship our recruiting experts can help them find the right fit.

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Cardiology Jobs Forecast

This fast-paced and complex specialty is one of the most in-demand at medical centers and medical groups today.

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It is expected that the number of people older than 65 will hit nearly 84 million by 2050, according to the U.S. Census.

This translates to a growing number of heart failure and other Cardiology conditions, and a significant need for more interventional Cardiologists and heart procedures. Heart surgery cases are expected to increase by 54%, according to the American Association for Thoracic Surgery.

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At Provider Solutions & Development, we take the physician job search seriously, offering customized, holistic career guidance. We know how to select jobs that best match a physician’s skill level and job requirements, finding Cardiology opportunities that match a candidate’s needs for a specific location or for the right financial package, including loan forgiveness or a sign-on bonus.

This list of job priorities can help Cardiologists narrow down new job opportunities so that they can find the job that meets their career aspirations and needs.

1. Specialty Cardiology focus opportunities

Physicians may choose to focus there career in one of these areas of specialty cardiology:
- Advanced Heart Failure
- Cardiovascular Imaging
- Electrophysiology
- Interventional
- Non-Interventional
- Non-Invasive
- Structural Heart

2. Variety of cardiology service options

Full-time Cardiology physicians practice in different areas of medical service. When searching for a job, consider which of these environments best suit you.
- Emergency
- Trauma
- Inpatient consults
- Inpatient and outpatient mix
- Outpatient ambulatory
- Research

3. Support within the Cardiology medical group

Many full-time Cardiologists excel when they work as part of a constructive and collaborative Cardiology team at a hospital, medical center or specialty medical group. At Provider Solutions & Development, we connect physicians to jobs that include:
- Opportunities to conduct research
- Supportive work culture within an integrated health system
- Team-based care environment
- Well-trained and highly skilled support staff

4. Benefits of Cardiology jobs

Cardiology specialists’ positions may offer a variety of benefits, including:
- Competitive Compensation
- Loan Repayment Options
- Paid CME Days and Funds
- Relocation Assistance or Reimbursement
- Shareholder/Partner Track
- Sign-On Bonus

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