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Who Is Kadlec?

Kadlec is the leading health care organization in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region of southeast Washington, where it operates Kadlec Regional Medical Center hospital and a network of more than 40 primary and specialty care clinics. Home to a growing heart and vascular program, it also has a world-class digital outpatient imaging center. Part of the Providence family, Kadlec’s employees are committed to its mission of providing safe, compassionate care. When you work with our team we can help you find Kadlec jobs that support and empower you to do your best work.

Featured Cities

Kennewick, Richland


To provide safe, compassionate care.

Care Settings

Hospital, Clinic, Telehealth, Urgent

Staffed Beds


Awards & Accolades

2020-21 Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award™

2020-21 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital in Central Washington

2021-24 Joint Commission certification in hip and knee replacement

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Why Choose Us?

In the modern healthcare market, there are unique problems that require tailored solutions. Many patients seek care digitally, and quality physicians are harder to come by. That's why our team provides a one-of-a-kind physician recruitment approach to help eligible external hires find the best match to further their careers. In turn, this helps healthcare organizations continue to grow and achieve long-term success.

We understand that finding a healthcare job can feel daunting, which is why our team fulfills people, not positions. We're natural helpers driven by empathy, offering holistic, personal career guidance that puts providers' needs first. In addition to our recruitment team, our resident outreach team and advisors provide unbiased insights and guidance to help you better navigate your transition to practice.

Benefit from Our Network

When you work with us to find your next opportunity, you'll benefit from our vast network of expertise that includes:

  • 1,400+ Signed Providers
  • 30+ Hiring Partners
  • 175+ Communities Served

Our team offers tailored support across the healthcare industry, including:

  • Providers: We help providers find the right fit that suits their lifestyles, supports their values, and advances their careers.
  • Residents: We assist residents with professional guidance and personal support to help them find the right jobs.
  • Executives: We help executives chart their paths to growing their careers the right way.
  • Healthcare Systems: We help our partners find a mutually beneficial fit that leads to longevity and retention.

About Provider Solutions & Development

At Provider Solutions & Development, we advocate for transformation in how healthcare is provided and delivered. Whether you're beginning your job search or exploring jobs where you meet required qualifications, or want to be part of a network that supports and empowers you, we're here to help.

Our job opportunities span specialties, from emergency medicine to jobs for nurse practitioners. We are part of a vast network of experts who can help you find the right fit so you can grow and thrive in your new roles.

Our mission is founded on our six core values:

  1. Service Motivates Everything We Do: Our team discovers what our providers, partners, and team members need to succeed. Then, we go above and beyond to meet those needs. We know that the service we provide sets the standard for generations of care. Through community-based commitments, we translate our service into action.
  2. Excellence is a State of Mind: Our pursuit of improvement stems from our growth mindset. We strive for high standards and take pride in our work, and always learn from each other.
  3. Respect is Love in Action: Opinions, feelings, and contributions are celebrated across our diverse and inclusive teams.
  4. Innovation Lives in Our DNA: Our team takes risks, learns from our mistakes, encourages curiosity, and embraces new ideas. We are always looking for new ways to connect providers and partners.
  5. Integrity from Within Drives Us Throughout: Each caregiver leads with honesty and transparency. We hold each other accountable and to the highest level of ethical standards.
  6. Compassion is How We Show Up: We meet people with empathy and patience to create a caring environment where everyone can thrive.

In addition, PS&D plays a vital role in influencing the hiring of a diverse healthcare workforce. Studies show that diversity can help organizations improve patient care quality and financial results. With this in mind, we're committed to:

  • Accommodating and supporting all employees at PS&D.
  • Holding ourselves accountable to evolving our culture, practices, and recruitment strategies to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce within our organization and with our partners.
  • Cultivating a work environment where we listen to understand and create a culture where individuals feel safe sharing their stories.

Whether you're just beginning your job search or have a specific role and compensation package in mind, we're here for you. Browse our job portal today to get started.