Physician Jobs

Physician Jobs

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At Provider Solutions & Development, we have hundreds of physician job openings with more than 20 health system partners across the United States.

We connect candidates with employers they can feel good about joining, no matter their specialty or preferred practice model.

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We connect candidates with employers they can feel good about joining, no matter their specialty or preferred practice model.

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Physician Jobs Forecast

Demand for physicians continues to grow as the U.S. population ages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects overall physician employment to expand 4% by 2029.

To meet demand, healthcare employers expect to create 23,300 new medical doctor jobs each year across many specialties, including Critical Care, Family Medicine, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Primary Care and Trauma Surgery.

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Every day we post new opportunities across a wide spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. We've created specialty specific guides to help you find a fit that's just right.

A job search guide for physicians.

At PS&D, our recruiters are experts at providing holistic, customized guidance. We take the time to make sure each physician's job search leads them to a healthcare position that's the perfect fit for their expertise, personality and lifestyle.

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This list of job priorities can help doctors narrow down new job opportunities so they can find the job that meets their career aspirations and needs.

1. Flexible work schedules for physicians

Jobs for physicians offer flexible work and call schedules. Options can include:
- On-call Options
- 4-Day Work Schedules
- Clinic and Hospital Call
- Flexible Work Schedules
- No Call Requirements
- No Weekends
- Rotating 12-hour, 7 Days On, 7 Days Off

2. Variety of medical service options

Physicians deliver healthcare and work in different areas of medical service. This can include a mix of inpatient and outpatient care, outpatient clinic care, research, Locum Tenens and teaching and telehealth. Doctors who hold faculty jobs may provide consultations, didactics, teaching and workshops in addition to seeing patients.

3. Support within the medical group

We connect physicians seeking new jobs to positions that provide:
- Ability to Lead and Take Part in Groundbreaking Research
- Access to Clinical Trials
- Access to Electronic Medical Records, Imaging, Labs, and Other Diagnostic Services
- Internal Culture that Matches Your Professional Personality
- Superior Support Within a Clinic, Medical Group or Hospital Setting

4. Generous benefits for physicians and specialists

Physician jobs provide a variety of benefits, including:
- Base/Guaranteed Salary
- CME Days and Dollars
- Competitive Compensation
- Guaranteed Salary
- Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Disability and Malpractice Insurance
- Loan Repayment Options
- Paid Board Certification, License, Membership Dues, Subscriptions
- Pay for Call
- Quality Incentives
- Relocation Assistance
- Sign-On Bonus
- Value-Based Bonus

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