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As an Internal Medicine physician, or internist, you are an expert at diagnosing and treating health conditions from the routine to the most complex, putting you and your skills in high demand in urban, rural and mid-size communities across the country.

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We partner with more than 20 health systems and medical groups across the United States and advise job seekers on roles within our partners’ established medical groups, hospital-owned practices or academic medical centers.

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Our goal is to help make the job search easier for physicians. By helping board-certified and board-eligible Internal Medicine physicians analyze all aspects of new jobs and career options, we work together to find the practice and location that’s right for them.

We offer a wide variety of physician jobs across medical groups, outpatient clinics and hospitals, and PS&D recruiters don’t work on commission or have to make quotas. Instead, we match the physicians’ professional skills and interests of Internal Medicine physicians with a comprehensive team and location that will support the lifestyle they seek.

Our holistic and customized recruiting ensures that Internal Medicine physicians will be fulfilled and happy, on and off the job.

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Internal Medicine Job Forecast

The need for Internal Medicine physician jobs is growing rapidly. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts a shortage of between 21,400 and 55,200 Internal Medicine physicians by 2033.

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According to the AAMC population growth and aging physicians are driving the demand for these Internal Medicine and Primary Care physicians. The U.S. population will grow more than 10% to 361 million by 2033. The 65 and older population is projected to grow by 45%.

At the same time, many physicians are nearing retirement age — 2 out of 5 active physicians will be 65 or older within the next decade.

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Hospitals and medical groups of all sizes and in locations across the country are seeking to fill Internal Medicine positions. The options vary as much as people do and there are many considerations beyond salary.

We focus on the details and find the jobs that best match a physician’s skill level and job requirements, from sign-on bonus to specific location. Below are are a few additional job priorities that Internal Medicine physicians could consider.

1. Flexible work schedules for Internal Medicine physicians

Internal Medicine jobs provide physicians with flexible work schedules. Regular and on-call schedules include:
- Full-Time Hours
- Daytime Hours, Monday to Friday Schedule
- Varied Hours, Monday to Friday Schedule
- Telephone Call Only
- No Hospital Call

2. Variety of Internal Medicine service options

Internal Medicine doctors focus their care on different areas of medical service at clinical and hospital settings. This can include:
- Inpatient and outpatient mix
- Outpatient-only
Services offered within:
- Hospitals
- Medical Centers
- Medical group
- Clinic offices
- Academic outpatient clinics

3. Support within an Internal Medicine medical group

Physicians who work within an Internal Medicine medical group often enjoy robust support from colleagues and staff. Regardless of health system, Internal Medicine medical groups are known for providing coordinated care, access to specialists and a community-focused, team-based approach.

Depending on the group model, an Internal Medicine physician may also gain:
- Access to Imaging and Labs
- Easy Access to System-Wide Support
- Excellent Specialty Support
- Partnership with Advanced, Full-Spectrum Hospital
- Shared EMR System
- State-of-the-Art Technology
- Support from Nurse Care Specialists
- Support from Dedicated Refill Nurses for Routine Prescription Refills
- Tight-Knit Team

4. Generous benefits for Internal Medicine physicians

Within an Internal Medicine practice, jobs may include a variety of benefits, including:
- 2-Year Guaranteed Salary
- Competitive Compensation
- Incentive Options
- Loan Repayment Options
- Option to Contribute to UME/GME Activities
- Paid CME days and funds
- Relocation Assistance or Reimbursement
- Sign-on Bonus
- Visa Support

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